Sim cards

Use of own sims

Please be advised that this is the official technical statement on own SIM usage:

We have received several queries around the impact of using your own SIM in a cell phone/ Blade or taking out a contract with an SMS package.

SMS packages won’t assist in any way as we use an online service to send messages.

The only risk to the franchisee is large data consumption as using their own SIM and data contract means unrestricted data use and potentially huge bills.

The ABSA blades, for example, will send massive amounts of data to BAIDU.COM if the franchisee uses his own SIM (potentially huge bill), yet we block this traffic in our firewall for our own SIM’s.

Sim SWAP Application:

Deliveree requires a data signal at all times. The Deliveree solution therefore comes with a sim card and data and you never need to worry about managing the data or topping up. The sim card provided is an MTN/ Vodacom sim card. This solution works in the majority of stores.

It will not however work in every situation at every customer in the country. There are areas, suburbs, parts of the country where there is very little MTN/Vodacom signal or even no MTN /Vodacom signal at all.

  • Solution # 1

Change the sim card from MTN to VODACOM.

If your entire delivery area has no MTN signal whatsoever, we can remove the sim card and supply you with a Vodacom sim card instead. There will be no effect on your monthly fees for this, you just need to let us know of your intention.


Vodacom might have better coverage in your area than MTN.


You may still find that the Vodacom network, although better in your area, still has pockets of areas where there is no signal. You might still find certain customers are just not able to pay by card.

The problem is not solved 100%

  • Solution # 2

Keep the MTN/Vodacom Cosoft sim card as your primary sim and add an additional secondary sim card of any different network of your choosing. The device will always try to use the primary sim card and will automatically switch to the secondary sim card if there is no connection on the primary sim card.


When you add a secondary sim card, you are doubling your chances of always having a connection.


The device will only automatically change to the secondary sim card if there is absolutely no signal whatsoever. This means that your driver could be trying to take a card payment at a customer and there is a data connection, but the quality is so low and the speed is so slow that the payment is not able to go through. We have therefore designed a bespoke solution to mitigate this problem. The rest of this article will explain the solution in more detail.

Sim Swap

Contact to do a SIM Swap.