Payment pebble

When a customer requests to make a card payment while on delivery. It is possible to process this payment from the Deliveree application on the handset.

Firstly before the driver will be ready to take payments using the pebble, the ABSA payment application needs to be set up.

Getting started:

By following the next eight steps the ABSA payment app will be set up and you will be able to take payments:

  1. Open the "Payment pebble" application by pressing the "Payment Pebble" application tile.
  2. Watch the training video (This training video contains the same content as the user guide).
  3. Confirm that you have watched the training video.
  4. Link your "Payment Pebble" to your merchant account. NOTE: Your merchant account number would have been sent to you by SMS, Please contact ABSA on 0860 111 222 and confirm the mobile number used.
  5. Enter your merchant ID.
  6. Press "Get OTP" (One-time-PIN).
  7. A once-off OTP will be sent via SMS to your mobile number. Enter the OTP received and select "Next".
  8. Create a supervisor name and PIN (four-digit PIN you wish to use). You will use this PIN to perform a refund transaction as well as to view more than the last five transactions on the Transaction History function. Existing merchants may select "Select existing supervisor" If a new supervisor is not required.

  • Receiving Payments:

Once the ABSA payment application has been set up, you will be able to process card transactions on the Payment pebble through the Deliveree application.

The following ten steps will explain how to take a Card payment on the Payment Pebble:

  1. Select the order that you want to pay.
  2. Once selected, a red button called "Payment" will appear. Tapping it will show a driver tip pop up option which the customer can decide whether they want to tip the driver. After the tip pop up option the ABSA payment app will launch. (The driver tip is set to 0% by default)
  3. Swipe or insert the customer's card.
  4. Enter the required card number digits when a card was swiped.
  5. Select the card type.
  6. Select the account to be debited.
  7. Pass the Payment pebble to the cardholder.
  8. The application will ask the customer to confirm the amount on the pebble, once the customer has confirmed it. The pebble will then ask to enter the customer's PIN.
  9. Payment is now complete. Remove the card and the Payment Pebble if no longer needed. Press OK.
  10. Enter an email address and/or mobile number to receive the proof of payment. (If this transaction is not complete the payment will reverse in 5 min.)

  • Entering a pin on the Payment Pebble Handset:

  1. A shuffled keypad will be displayed on the Payment pebble screen.
  2. Enter your first digit by pressing the position of the digit as displayed on the Payment pebble on the smartphone or tablet screen. NOTE, The keypad on the Payment pebble screen will shuffle into new positions after every digit pressed.
  3. Select the position of your next digit, noticing the new position after each entry. Continue until you have entered all digits.
  4. Once all your digits have been entered, select "Enter"

Additional Payment solutions are being investigated*