in progress map

The main operational screen is the In Progress Map which shows all orders that are currently in progress – that means any orders in the system that have not yet been delivered to customers. Normally drivers will allocate orders to themselves from the Deliveree Driver App – but when it gets extremely busy, a second method is recommended.

It is during the peak periods when Deliveree is really able to make a difference in the delivery times. The In Progress Map becomes even more important – as orders can be allocated from this screen on the Driver Station by a store manager, rather than from the Driver App by the drivers. The larger screen size of the driver station makes it easy to visualize all the orders and their relative geographical positions.

From the In Progress Map, orders can be grouped into logical batches ready for delivery. As the next driver comes into the store, the next group of orders is simply handed over – making it a lot quicker for drivers to move orders through the system. This is a live screen, updating constantly over time.

The Black dot in the lower right corner is the store.

Order Numbers:

Each order is displayed on the map as a square – differentiating between new orders, those that are assigned to drivers already, and orders with a driver en-route. Each order has a tag showing the order number and number of minutes before it is due at the customer.

For example:

#32 15 means order number 32 is due to be at the customer in 15 minutes- this order is Green which means it is still on time.

#31 -3 means order number 3 was due at the customer 3 minutes ago - this order is Red which means it is late.