grouping orders

It is when the store is running at maximum capacity that Deliveree can really help. A lot of time can be saved for the drivers if the person at the store managing the deliveries can group orders for the drivers and assign them to the drivers. When a driver arrives, he will see his allocated group of orders on his Pebble and he can pick up the pre-packed bag and head off immediately to do his deliveries. You can group orders from the Deliveree Portal using the map view of the deliveries.

The operator can select orders from this screen and group them together according to geographic location, while taking the remaining times into consideration. In this way, drivers are more efficient at performing deliveries and customers will ultimately get their food quicker.

To group orders, do the following:

1. Click on the order and press the Group button.

2. You will be asked to add the order to group or create a new group if none exist.

3. After you have grouped an order, a “G” will appear inside the customer’s order.