Cashing up

There are two parts to cashing up. The first is cashing up the actual drivers in the shop and the second is reconciling the card payments to make sure that the money for the card payments reflected on your reports is actually in your bank. This is called reconciling.

Cashing Up The Driver

To cash up a driver, you will need to know the total of his ABSA Pebble payments and the total of any other payments besides cash. These payments may have been made all on one blade or across multiple blades during the day. Each time a delivery is completed, the driver needs to select how payment was made.

In the image below, the driver is presented with the following options.

  1. Cash - Cash must be used for all payments received in cash. You will take the cash from the driver at the end of his shift. His tips will remain his own.
  2. Credit Card (Manual) -Use this option when the driver is using a physical card processing device (speed-point). Reconciling these payments does not form part of this manual, but you would follow the same cashing up processes that you did with your Point of Sale (AURA).
  3. Other - This option will seldom be used but is there to accommodate for future payment options like maybe Zapper or a loyalty system that is yet to be implemented.
  4. Pebble Payment* - Drivers using the Mobile Deliveree Handset (MDH) that has a working ABSA Pebble on Top of it will select this option. When this option is selected, the amount is passed to the ABSA Pebble and then you can continue to make payment.

*where applicable

There are two places you can go to get Driver Cash-up totals:

  1. Transaction totals on your Bank portal.
  2. Deliveree Driver Individual daily Reports

Aura Cash-ups once Driver cash-up is complete will be done in the same was as usual.

The Driver Individual Daily report on Deliveree Web

The Driver Individual Daily report will show you all the payments across all blades if the driver initiated the payment from within Deliveree. This is important to grasp. Deliveree can only report on payments that it knows about. If the driver went directly to the home screen on his blade and opened the ABSA app to make the payment, his payment will not be reflected in Deliveree. It will be reflected in the ABSA app though which is why method number 1 above is recommended for cashing up a driver.

For the below example, the totals are Payment Pebble: R857.40

The formula to use to calculate the cash is therefore sales minus alternative payments. R 1591.80 (Total sales) – R 857.40 (Pebble payment) = R 734.40

Now that you have the figures, you can proceed to the cash up in Aura. In the image below, you can see that his sales total for the day is R 1591.80 which matches Deliveree if all orders are correctly assigned. If there are mismatches, you need to make sure that Aura is correct by re-assigning any orders in Aura invoicing to their correct drivers. Reassigning orders to drivers can also be done on Deliveree Web.

The Aura cash up from this point onward is the same as always. You need to collect R 1591.80 from David Mothapo. This will be in the form of Cash, Mobile Speed points (you will have the slips) and ABSA Pebble Payments (you will have either the Transaction report from the ABSA app or the Driver Daily report from Deliveree Web). When you post the driver, Aura will ask you which till you are putting his money into.

When cashing up the till, you will need to manually enter the credit cards under F2.