additional portal functions

Aside from Delivery management, further portal functions can be accessed from the drop-down menu in the title bar.


This page contains details and statuses of all mobile devices associated with your account.

From this page you can also log a driver out of a device.

NOTE: The Device ID refers to the serial number of the devices.

Active refers to devices that are currently in use at the store. Further down, Logins Today show which devices are logged in by which driver.

Clicking Info will display technical information about the device:


The Driver Admin page lets you edit and track your drivers. While most drivers are synced from Aura, new drivers can be added here too.

Click View to view details on the driver, or Edit to update their details.

From this page you can also manually Update Driver Status or Update Default Vehicle that the driver selects on their handset on login.


The Customer Admin page summarizes the day’s customers, their mobile numbers, and their addresses. Selecting View All displays all past and current customers. Please bear in mind that correct G.P.S coordinates are required, therefore it is better to get Yumbi to update this information.

Click the eye icon to view customer details:

From this page, you can view or change the exact location of the customer using the Update link under GPS coordinates.


The Vehicle Admin page lets you add and edit vehicles that drivers can choose to link with their handsets when they log in.


The Deliveree portal contains a number of useful reports that condense the data into actionable information. These reports can be found from the title bar menu drop-down arrow, This will bring you to the reports page, which currently has six reports organized into three categories:

- Delivery Reports.

Delivery History

This report allows you to review past deliveries over a given date range. The report is organized into sortable columns that include information including date, time, driver and efficiency via the order’s Minutes Before Due (MBD) statistic.

Trip History

This report allows you to review a driver’s trips, with each instance counted every time a driver leaves and then returns to the store with one or more orders.

Any of the trip’s ID numbers (#) can be clicked to get a detailed breakdown of that trip. The trip history will detail each GPS ping recorded during the trip, with GPS coordinates and speed at the time of the ping. Each delivery address is displayed on the map with a blue icon.

Audit Log

The Audit Log reports give you a breakdown of activity on the Deliveree system, both user actions and automatic system actions. The reports also distinguish actions applied from the web interface or the Mobile Application on one of the handsets.

Here individual order numbers can be selected to get order details. On the order detail page there is an Audit option to view the audit log for that single order:

-Driver Reports.

Driver Summary

This report gives an overview of each driver’s efficiency over a period of time, particularly concerning the number of deliveries they took, and their Minutes Before Due(MBD) statistics.

Driver Daily Summaries

This is a report for the manager to run at the end of the day. It is run for a specified day only.

This report also shows the performance broken down by Hour of day. Details of each driver are then shown. Included in the details are the customer, external identifier, time of delivery, whether the delivery was paid and details of the payments. The External ID on the Driver Daily Summary report will match the reference number on the ABSA report and YUMBI platform for reconciling purposes.

Driver Individual Daily Report

This report is for a manager to run at the end of a drivers shift. It is run for a specified day and driver. There is also a graphic overview of the percentage of deliveries that were delivered on time, within 5 minutes of due time, later than 5 minutes after due time and not marked as delivered.

This is a critical section as it enables the manager to address issues with the drivers at the end of their shift rather than only days later.

The next section shows which blades a driver logged into during the day. Usually the driver would only need to log in on one device, so many logins such as in the example below could highlight issues with the devices, or an issue with the driver. The next section shows a summary of the payments by type. It shows the number of payments and the total from each type of payment. The last section shows details of the deliveries that were assigned to the driver. Details include the order number, external identifier, customer, time of delivery, status of delivery, whether the delivery was paid, and details of the payments.

- Summary Reports.

Store overview

This is a report for the store owner and/or manager. The report is run over any specified period - so it can show weekly/monthly stats.

Store Exceptions

This is a report for the store owner and/or manager. The report is run over any specified period - so it can show daily/weekly/monthly exceptions. Ideally all these sections would be blank - so it is important for the store owner/manager to monitor these regularly.

- Payment Reports.

Payment History

The Payment History Report reviews every transaction recorded via the Deliveree mobile application over the given time period. Payments are color coded for successful (green) or failed (red).