Using the deliveree driver app.

Summary Screen.

After you login, you will see the Summary screen. This will show you an overview of deliveries.

  • My Deliveries in Progress

Shows the number of orders that are assigned to you, where you have left the store and are busy with the delivery.

  • My Deliveries at Store

This shows the number of deliveries that are waiting at the store that have been assigned to you.

  • Store Delivery Backlog

This shows the number of deliveries that are waiting at the store that have not yet been assigned to a driver.

Deliveries at Store.

Each driver needs to assign orders to himself. This can be done from the Handset or from the Deliveree Web Portal.

To begin, click the button "At Store" to see what deliveries are at the store. It will show you the address and two numbers. The number on the left is the order number. The number on the right is the number of minutes before the delivery is due to the customer.

Green number = order is still on time

Red number = order is already late.

Clicking on "View All On Map" will give you a map overview of the current deliveries at the store. It also shows you the minutes before the delivery is due.

When you assign an order, you are telling the system that these deliveries are your responsibility and that you will deliver them.

Reordering deliveries

Once the orders are assigned to you it is important to note the following:

If you have more than one delivery assigned it will show a Reorder Deliveries button. It is very important to re-order the deliveries to match the order in which you will deliver. This is important because the customer at the top of the list is watching the drivers location.

The application will recommend the best order by default, but if you are not going to deliver in the recommended order, you must use the "reorder" button to drag your orders into the order in which you will deliver. Once you have reordered the deliveries, click the “Leave” button.

For access to current training videos please send an email to and we will send you the links.

Orders With Me.

The "With Me" summary will show you all the orders assigned to you, this is where you would Navigate to the Customer and Complete a Delivery.

Navigating to the Customer - After you have clicked the "Leave" button, you will be able to navigate to the customer by clicking on the delivery. This will bring up the delivery view for the current delivery. It will show the current order number at the top.

Green number = order is still on time

Red number = order is already late.

Customer - Shows the customer’s address and phone number.

Problem - If there is a problem with the delivery you can click this button.

Navigate - Opens the mobile device’s default navigation application (usually Google Maps) and search for the customer address. The driver can then follow turn by turn navigation to the customer.

Map - Displays the customer’s location on a map.

Phone numbers - Shows the customer's and the store’s phone numbers. Pressing these buttons will launch the phone’s dial pad.

Completing a delivery

When the driver is at the customer a "Tell Customer I’m here" button will appear. The driver must push this button to notify the customer that the order has arrived and mark the order as delivered.

Before returning to the store, please check that the order has been marked as delivered.

This will give you the option to phone the store or navigate to the store. You can also see how many deliveries are waiting at the store.