We've made some changes to allow clients to see billing information. There is now a Billing menu item that can be found when you log in on the home page of www.deliveree.co.za.

You can see which devices are going to be billed and how many SIMs are assigned to your account.

Follow the link below for more info:


I employed a new driver; how do I add him to Deliveree?

Your server computer needs to sync the driver with Deliveree. Please go to your server and Backoffice. The go to Lists > Employees > Sync drivers with Deliveree. This will need to be done when a driver changes his password or if you are adding new drivers to Deliveree.

Driver station has frozen or is not responding.

You should reboot the Deliveree computer by removing the power lead, waiting 10 seconds and re-inserting it.

I have a message on the MDH/ Smartphone saying, “This driver is already logged in on another device, first log off that device before using this one.”

Drivers can only be logged into one Pebble at a time. If you receive this message, you need to log the driver out of the other device. If the device is missing, you can log the driver out using the Deliveree Portal. Go to Menu > Devices.

Then you can press the blue ‘’logout’’ button next to the driver’s name.

MDH/Smartphone is stuck on “Leaving store”.

This happens when you are connected to Wi-Fi, but the signal is very weak. You should suggest to drivers to press the Leave button while they are still in the store and not outside where the connection is weak.

I have an order that was cancelled in Aura still showing on the driver station.

You can use either the Deliveree Portal or the Mobile App to mark the order as a problem. In the Deliveree Portal, click on the View button next to an order to open the detail. You will see a Mark as Problem Button.

You will then be presented with a few reasons that describe typical problem scenarios:

  • Hoax
  • Could not deliver
  • Convert to Collect
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order has not been delivered
  • or Cancel

I have an order that is located in the middle of the ocean.

Deliveree requires validated location data to assign a correct GPS coordinate for each customer. If an order is placed in Aura, then Deliveree will not always be able to find a matching street address with any of the mapping providers. In a situation like this, the GPS coordinate for the customer becomes 0,0 and this happens to be off the coast of Nigeria.

Please instruct cashiers not to use Aura to capture orders. Delivery orders must be captured on the Yumbi Call Centre platform or through an online ordering service.

To prevent cashiers from using Aura Invoicing to place Delivery/Collect orders, you can open Aura Backoffice and go to Preferences > Settings. Once in settings, navigate to All Computers > Program Settings > Invoicing and tick the setting that says Disable Delivery/Collect.

I turned off the Deliveree Computer. How do I turn it back on?

The Deliveree Computer does not have a power switch. If you switched it off by Selecting “Shutdown” from the desktop, then you can turn it back on by removing the power cable and re-inserting it. Make sure that your monitor is also on.

When a driver takes multiple orders, Deliveree is marking them as delivered in the wrong order.

This happens when the driver does not reorder his deliveries in the order that he is going to deliver.

This can be corrected by using the 'Reorder Deliveries' button before leaving the store.

The Blade/MDH has frozen and is not responding to touch.

You will need to reboot the Blade. There is a small red button underneath the MDH. Press it and hold it for 5 seconds. Use this button to reboot it.

I need to exit the Deliveree web portal to change my network settings.

Move the mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen, click on the "X" to exit Deliveree web portal and return to the grey desktop.

The normal Deliveree Web Portal has disappeared, how do I return to the Deliveree Portal?

If the Deliveree computer loads to the page below, move the mouse cursor to the top right of the page and click on the settings icon and then click on the button for Openbox.

The map cannot be viewed.

The user should download a more recent browser. We recommend Chrome version 60 or above, Firefox can also be used. Internet Explorer is however NOT recommended.

There is no 'Leave' button on the driver's blade when he assigns orders to himself and is about to leave.

This happens when the driver's status is not set to 'At Store'. The 'Leave' button will only be visible if the driver's status is set to 'At Store'. Please manually change the driver's location to 'at store' using the Deliveree Web Interface. If the problem is persisting, then the GPS co-ordinates of the shop could be slightly incorrect.

To resolve it permanently, please stand outside the shop at the location where the bikes are parked and obtain the exact GPS coordinates. These can be seen by holding a driver's blade and then going into the settings at the bottom of Deliveree. The settings page will show the GPS coordinates. Please stand there for 60 seconds before writing down the coordinates so an accurate location can be obtained. This must not be done in the shop. It needs to be done in a place that the drivers will walk through between the shop and the bikes, but outside in view of the sky.

Please send those GPS coordinates and the shop name to support@deliverytribe.co.za and ask for the store's exact location to be updated in Deliveree admin.