Delivery Tribe

Delivery Tribe offers a delivery management solution is known as Deliveree.

This patented solution is owned by Delivery Tribe (Pty) ltd. a sister company of Cosoft.

The solution consists of:

  • The Deliveree Web Portal - which is an administrative portal, accessible via a web browser such as Chrome.
  • The Deliveree Mobile App - which runs on an Android mobile device.

The system offers the following key features:

1. Driver Tracking- you can see where the driver is on the map and review trips. Positional updates every 60 seconds.

2. Ability to monitor the time it takes for a driver to deliver an order.

3. View an average of deliveries done per driver hourly and view trends by generating reports.

4. G.P.S/ Navigation (GPS coordinates are pulled from Yumbi).

5. Driver, Exceptions and summary reports.

6. Grouping/Allocation of multiple orders to one driver.

Delivery Tribe Departments all have their own mailing addresses.